Hi there, welcome to my site. Here’s a quick intro.


  • came aboard this planet in the 1980s
  • did most of my education across the heavenly state of Karnataka, India
  • can cook well, eat better.
  • am a Civil Engineer with a masters in Project Management
  • have worked at the kitchen at McDonalds to the corporate boardrooms of KPMG
  • currently develop mobile applications in Glasgow Scotland
  • love variety
  • whilst unemployed, volunteered to teach the unskilled to get jobs (which got me, my first job)

It has been a very long dream of mine to have a portal of my own; and after 11 years I finally I managed to do it. In this site, I intend to write mostly about the five big interests of mine

  • Mobile app development (my bread, butter, cheese and pickle)
  • Biking  (a bond stronger than a man & his dog)
  • Creativity (not that I am creative, but for my adoration for those who are)
  • Food (bringing the sense of smell, sight, touch and taste together)
  • Technology  (for pushing the boundaries of what was deemed possible)









Things I do..


I design and develop mobile apps that are functional, elegant and efficient.


I work on creating textual and graphical content that is enlivening and memorable.


I am agile in my work and can change the course of development to meet business needs


Whether it is business analysis, design, development, team management or client liaison, I do whatever is needed to Get Stuff Done.