The small things – part 1

Its been a month since I sat at my favourite place in my house, a wall on the roof which, incidentally is used to protect someone tipping over. The sight from here was nothing short of spell binding. The sight faced west and I could see the sun setting over the mountains of Savandurga while a cool breeze helped calm my thoughts.

On the front, facing my house, was the park that was built recently. The park was at its busiest during the sunset; for it would bring the womenfolk of our locality to socialise. This meant that their kids and grandkids would also get the grand opportunity of getting to know the best and latest gossip in our area. The men wouldn’t bother much, carrying on their daily walks with their buddies only to talk about politics or whatever our news channels were serving that day.

It is this very place, that I used to despise the most in the mornings. For I am not a morning person. Not. One. Bit. Laughter clubs, clapping clubs and the incessant talking would wake me up invariably; and you would not like me if I met you without adequate sleep. Not. One. Bit.

As I sat in my apartment in London, 8000 miles away from home and this very park, I felt a surge of emotions for this place of gathering. I never realised how big a part this park had played in my life. It was the place where some of my best memories were forged. I remember talking to my friends when I was at one of lowest points in my life, only to hear their confidence in me and getting renewed energy to fight on. It was in one of its benches when I heard about my best friend getting engaged. I remember the vast number of times that my mother asked me to go on a walk with her in the park; and the minimal number of times that I actually agreed to go with her.

But most important of all, I remember the numerous sessions when I would go for a power-walk in the park, with Rocky OST blaring away in my headphones thundering me to go achieve my ambitions. Although, I never doubted in my efforts, I was never sure of when they would bring results; and by results I meant the milestones that would mark the achievement of an ambition.

But milestones are just like destinations to be reached if you don’t care about the journey; and I deeply care about the journey. How I reached there is equally as important as if and when I reached there.

I realised, that often, we ignore the smallest things that radically shape the very fibre of our lifestyle.


Why are these thoughts in my mind you ask ? I’ll tell you.

It had been a month since I moved to London and I somehow never felt the elation I was expecting to. My thoughts ran across all the things I wanted to do here and I started to pine for those perfect moments where I would get to live some of my dreams.

What I had forgotten were about the moments that led-up-till and were felt-after-the-passing of the perfect moment. Weren’t they equally important ?

The moment of seeing the perfect sunrise on a snow-clad peak are preceded by hours of camaraderie with friends and family on the trek up the mountain, minutes of quenching your thirst from the streams and moments sharing of chapati and pickle on the way back.

The moment of seeing an offer letter are preceded by weeks of preparation, years of learning, seconds of “all the best”s from your well wishers and the hours of actual performance in the interview.

The park that I so incessantly chose to ignore, was one of the very things that was shaping me to be where I am today. It provided a place where I could discuss my feelings, personal and professional, with those I felt confident with. It was the place which brought a sense of security, warmth and happiness that I could forge my memories with.

It is not only the park, it could be

  • the road on which you may have had a long conversation with a loved one
  • the fruit drink you shared with friends after a hearty meal of kebabs and naan
  • the stick that your mother used to drive a scary dog away that chased you
  • the mobile phone which was offered to you by a stranger in times of distress
  • the blog that I am writing now that I will read someday in the future and smile

These things may have been long gone away but they were absolutely the very fibre that constructed and strengthened the bond of relationship with those around you, got you through the day, made you who you were.

So whether you are going through a moment of elation, sadness or mundane-ness, embrace the things around you. I can still feel the wonder when I travel on the London Tube. I do so, since I had worked hard to be able to travel on that; to be able to move to and live in a city that houses it. It wasn’t easy. It took months of effort, heartbreak, tense moments, confidence and support. 

I am writing all of this so that I can share with you on how amazing it feels sometimes to appreciate the smallest things in life.

Something absolutely inconsiderable somewhere will make you create a memory that will shape you for the rest of your life. It is not just materialistic. The most unexpected smile from a stranger can make your happiness seem even bigger or a sadness even smaller.

Embrace the smaller things in life, you don’t know how big an impact they have had on you.

Until next time.