Achilles Syndrome


Beyond money, happiness, peace and satisfaction , there is a factor. A factor that motivates us all to go that extra distance when we do stuff. Its Recognition. No, I am not talking about recognition you get when you win a local contest or when you achieve something. That’s short term; by which I mean that “it’s forgotten“.
Let me illustrate. In the movie Troy, a kid tells Achilles (Brad Pitt) before his battle

I wouldn’t fight him if I were you. He is  the biggest man I’ve ever seen in my life

For which Achilles replies

That’s why, kid, no one will remember your name

That’s recognition, things by which people remember you. Your name, your identity, your legacy. That ladies & gentleman , I refer to as the “Achilles Syndrome“.  Its the need within yourself, to do something that people will remember you for; something you will want to be remembered for.

For several years, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for those blogs that can provide a balance of both business and personal insights. So much so, that I have been inspired to contribute more frequently to this broader conversation. To provide a glimpse into how I see work, family, travel and other activities converging, and the lessons I learn along the way. No, this is not my Achilles syndrome. But it definitely is a step in that path. I created this website to share my thoughts, soak in the thoughts of others and perhaps learn a thing or two in the process. I am passionate about a lot of things that my fellow men have gifted this world. This shall act as a platform where, I can share with you, my thoughts and that of a few others.  

In other words, this is my customary first “Hello World” post.

As a kid, I too have dreamt of changing the world in my own little way.  I believe that this site shall act as a platform, through which I can reach out to a bigger audience who share my passions and interests. The wise say that travel leads to knowledge, and I agree. But given the limitations, I hope I will be able to interact with, learn from and influence more individuals through this portal. 

Coming back to Mr.Achilles, its ironic that he did die in the end. But he did leave a legacy that enabled us to make big budget Hollywood movie about him. I am not hoping that someone makes a movie based on this website. But somewhere down the line, if someone on the other side of the planet is able to read my posts and think “Hmmmm, not bad !! “, the Achilles in me can smile.

In short, Houston, the eagle has, indeed, landed.