My personal food rankings









My Personal Food Rankings


I love eating. Period.

I remember watching more cooking shows than my mum, mentally noting down the ingredients and then forcing her to cook the same. Initially, they were simple, but then SHIT GOT REAL.  The advent of cable television in my house meant, that I started craving for complex western delicacies. (Mom, if you are reading this, by “complex“, I mean that ingredients weren’t available at our local grocery store). Tomato ketchup was a delicacy then and “Mayonaisse” for me meant “Fancy French Painting“.

All this meant, that I had to choose either of the two

Stop watching cooking shows (which was easy, there were tonnes of Cartoon Shows around)

Learn cooking (harder, mum wouldn’t allow me in the kitchen)

I choose the harder part;
‘cos I knew this long term investment would pay off. And boy it DID !! The greatest payoff , is when you can enjoy food like never before at restaurants. You can feel the essence better, sense the aromas quicker and soak in the mixture of tastes. It was amazing, even the road side food started to taste better (or sometimes worse).

So with that experience, I present to you , my personal food rankings in these past 9 years that I have started cooking. Mind you most of these are recent (upto 3 years old). But that’s only because I want you to enjoy these foods while they are still being served. So without further ado,

Honey Chilli Chicken Rank 10

Soft boneless pieces of chicken, marinated with spices and stir fried with masala, glazed with Honey. Everyone that I have introduced the food to has kept ordering it again.

Place : Cibo Esca, Chandra Layout,Bangalore

Sarson Da Saag Rank 9

Wake the “Punjab da Puttar” in you.. Although the most expensive dish on the list, this is as close to a typical homemade Sarson Da Saag you can get. All the right amount of spices and you get this melting in the mouth curry which an only be complimented by a Makke di Roti.

Place: Punjab Grills, Leela Kempinski, Gurgaon

Masala Upma Rank 8

One dish every Bangalorean hates when homecooked but loves when its cooked at MTR. The Semolina dish that is soaked in MTR Ghee goodness and the legendary Tomato Slice on top. Best enjoyed with a sip of Hot Filter Coffee.

Place : MTR , Lalbagh Road, Bangalore

Anda Paapdi Chaat Rank 7

If you love Eggs, this is the place to be. Imagine Paapdi Chat. Now imagine warm Egg Bhurji along with fresh cut veggies on top of the Paapdi. U cant go wrong on this one.

If you love Eggs, this is the place to be. Imagine Paapdi Chat. Now imagine warm Egg Bhurji along with fresh cut veggies on top of the Paapdi. U cant go wrong on this one.

French Toast with Maple Syrup Rank 6

Now dont disregard this just because its quite common. One Bite into the French toast @ Egg Factory dipped in Maple Syrup and you are transported to some other place. Peace and Harmony indeed !!

PlaceEgg Factory, St Marks Road, Bangalore

Chicken Wings Rank 5

Everyone loves the wings. But one bite of the Chicken Marinated in Nandos’s Spice and their Extra hot sauce and it all becomes clear. The meat melts in your mouth, the sauce makes you want to eat more. Its like the CocaCola of Food world.

Place: Nandos Restaurant, Wilmslow Road,  Manchester

Veg Hyderabadi Biriyani Rank 4

A biriyani and that too VEG ??? It makes it to top 4 in this list. Should be testament enough.

PlaceAdigas, Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore

Hot Dragon Chicken Rank 3

I have had this dish for 3 months, DAILY. It goes with everything, Rice, Bread, Noodles !! Plus its  nice blend of Oriental Chinese cuisine with Indian spices.

PlaceKung FoodBandra East, Mumbai

Sheesh Tavouk Rank 2 - Runner Up

I have had this dish , ONCE. Only Once. That too, last week.  Cooked in a typical Arab-Bhatkali style cuisine, this is one of the tastiest chicken I’ve had. So tasty, I used its Masala in dishes ordered afterwards also.

PlaceAli BabaFrazer Town Mosque Road, Bangalore


Suggi Special Chicken Rank 1

Crispy Chicken coated in traditional spices used in Coastal India and the result something magical. If KFC didn’t have the title, Finger Lickin’Good, I would have gifted this restaurant the rights to Use the Tagline.

PlaceSuggi, Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore.

That’s that folks.Now get off your ass, get to one of these restaurants and eat your heart out
Tell me what are your favourite foods that you’ve enjoyed and I will try visit those places too.

Dont Stay Hungry (or foolish), get out and get munching 🙂